ECM Edmonton Electrical Manufacturing | Services

Training (Essential Information for a profitable sales team)

o   Large companies have seen that well-trained, knowledgeable sales staffs have a marked improvement on their bottom-line. We provide introductory and in-depth training classes for VFD, MCC and Panel Specialists. Our courses give you an overview of:

§  Standard Variable Frequency Drives and modifications

§  Necessary Approvals, Drawings, Codes and Procedures

§  Applications in various environments


o   After your installation of the unit, we provide programming, set-up and parameter testing to make sure the units are operating  to your specifications


o   We provide engineering services for custom electrical panels, VFDs and automation controls. Specific situations include:

§  Lift Station panels

§  Water Plant upgrades

§  Test units 

    Manufacturing (Point-to-point quality assurance)

o   Our manufacturing facility is designed to maximize efficiency and decrease process inefficiencies. This allows ECM to process orders in a timely manner and provide rush services in extreme situations. Including:

§  Emergency Plant shutdowns


o   We retrofit and refurbish older MCC buckets. These services are situation based, please contact for detailed inquiries