About Us

Electrical Control Manufacturing

Electrical Controls Manufacturing (Edm) Inc is a full service electrical manufacturing plant located in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 1997 by Rajan (Roger) Bali, the goal was to supply Quality Canadian manufactured electrical controls products. Since its inception in 1997, ECM has become a leading supplier of Quality Electrical Products by utilizing the following tools, setups and processes.

  • State of art Production Facility with modern tools.
  • Full load and Heat run test facility.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program
  • Up to date Autocad Design Tool.
  • Field service and commissioning.
  • Fully trained and qualified personnel.
  • ERP System – Accurate scheduling. We have Pre approved suppliers with the best cost transfers to provide customer with the most competitive pricing. By utilizing the ERP System we are able to keep the costs low, have exact consistent assemblies of products, tracking and accurate production schedules.

Presidents Message

Our mission is to Maximize Customer and Shareholder value through World Class quality manufacturing practices, continually striving for excellence in the products and services we provide, exceeding our customers expectations in quality, delivery and cost, while establishing successful relationship with our customers and suppliers.


Our Heat Run test facility determines the amount of waste heat produced, allowing us to design an efficient cooling system to maintain the optimal performance of the VFD.

Like all electrical equipment, inverter drives produce waste heat. This heat must be removed to prevent the drive overheating. As most commercial electronics are limited to 70C, the maximum temperature of the cooling air surrounding or supplied to the drive is therefore limited to 50C. For some types and applications this is further reduced to 40C.

It is normal to install the drives together with other equipment, in a cabinet or similar installation. The Heat Run test facility ensures the most accurate calculation for the most efficient cooling system design.