Starter - FVNR


ECM full voltage non-reversing type starters are designed for full voltage across- the-line starting of single or 3 phase squirrel cage motors. They also can be used as the primary control of wound rotor motors.

Combined with short circuit protection, FVNR starters are also offered as combination starters.

    • Fusible disconnect type complete with Form II, Class C fuse clips, or as an option, Form I, Class J fuse clips.
    • Circuit breaker type or as Non-Fusible Controller

FVNR starters are available up to 100HP, 600V AC, EEMAC type 1 to 12 sheet metal enclosed. They are an assembly of the proven 3RT contactors and the exclusive 3RU bimetal overload relays.

      • Full Voltage Non Reversing Unit with Fusible Switch or Circuit Breaker
      • Standard contactors (Siemens, ABB, GE, etc.)
      • Available in 200V and increasing
      • Compatible overload relay
      • NEMA 1-4X or EEMAC
      • Fusible Switch or Breaker Combinations
      • Solid state Overload
      • Pull-apart control/load terminals
      • Surge repressor
      • CSA and UL inspection available
      • Refer to specification downloads for exact ratings