QUADRUPLEX - Quadruplex Standard

Quadruplex Standard

  • Space saving design offers excellent performance when wall space is at a premium
  • Modular design allows for up to 4 starter units rated to 150HP at 600V or EEMAC size 4. Feeder units to 250A 600v are also available.
  • Flexible design permits easy addition of starter units on site.
  • Standard contactor (Siemens, GE, ABB; per customer spec)
  • Optional Horizontal wire-way can be provided with or without 600A aluminum or copper bus.
  • Enclosure can be shipped separately from the starter
  • Quadraplexes can be installed side by side or above each other
  • Keyed mounting holes for easier installation
  • NEMA 1-4X or EEMAC 1-12 enclosures
  • Fusible Switch or Breaker Combinations
  • Solid state Overload
  • Surge repressor
  • CSA and UL inspection available