MCC Motor Control Centers - MCC-8PX


The Siemens 8PX Motor Control Centre built by ECM is at the leading edge of technological excellence, offering the best protective package available in the electrical industry today. Its features respond to the needs of the most demanding applications. Designed and manufactured in Canada, the Siemens 8PX Motor Control Centre is the result of years of design and research under the most rigorous quality control and approval standards.

-           Flexibility of 8PX3 MCC allows direct connection to the incoming power supply through a main/utility incoming section

-           8PX3 MCC draw-out unit interchangeability offers the advantage of adding to the existing 8PX line-ups without costly transition sections

-           Rated from 42kAIC to 100kAic

-           Suitable for starters rated up to EEMAC size 6

-           Suitable for starters rated up to 750hp

-           Fusible or Circuit breaker combination starters available

-           MCC can be rated for Utility incoming

-           MCC Bus ratings up to 3000Amps

-           Feeders available up to 1600amps

-           MCC Structure rated EEMAC 1, 1A, 2 and 12

-           VFD’s and softstarters available up to 750hp

-           Easily expandable

-           Maritime ratings available

-           Variety of heights starting at 3.5mod (280mm) with ½ module increments

-           Total unit height of 24module