MCC Motor Control Centers - 8PX - UNIT


-          Built to fit into existing spaces in the 8PX series of MCC’s

-          8PX3 MCC draw-out unit interchangeability offers the advantage of adding to the existing 8PX line-ups without costly transition sections

-          Draw-out units are completely compatible with all previous 8PX models

-          Unit operating handles manufactured with a built-in safety interlock preventing the units form being removed or installed with the disconnect in the ON position

-          CSA approved components

-          available up to EEMAC size 6

-          available up to 100kAIC

-          Draw-out and fixed mounted units

-          Draw-out buckets come complete with bus stabs for ease of install

-          Side operator handle

-          Handle pad-lockable up to 3 locks

-          Integrated pilot devices on starter buckets