FASTBUS - Fastbus


Fast Bus Is Ideal for Multi-motor Control Panel builders Fast Bus is ideally suited for multi-motor control panels and panel systems serving the machine tool, packaging, tobacco, paper and printing, textile, food processing and conveyor equipment industries. If you’re planning a project that requires a multi-motor control system, don’t be forced into using a standard motor control center. You need to look at how flexibility and ease of maintenance impact costs. For example, a typical low amperage (e.g. 250 amp) motor control center uses 600 amp bus and oversized enclosure sections. This approach adds the costs of oversized bus, labor for rigging and even a concrete mounting pad. If NEMA 3 or 12 enclosures are specified, they also add costs. Fast Bus is a flexible, cost-effective solution. You can design the system as large or as small as you need it.

ECM Offers a wide range of Fastbus Arrangement Starters.

  • Magnetic starters rated up to EEMAC Size 3 (100amps)
  • Magnetic starters horsepower rated up to 100hp at 600VFull voltage non-reversing (FVNR)
    • Magnetic starters are available as:
  • Full voltage reversing (FVR)
  • Reduced voltage solid state softstarterEEMAC type 1 -12
    • Enclosed Starters
    • ECM Starters are offered in the most commonly used enclosure:
  • NEMA type 1 -4x
    • These enclosed starters can be combined with disconnect and short circuit protection devices to combination starters. Combination starters are also available with circuit breaker combination
    • Combination starters are available up to 100KA interrupting capacity @ 600VAC